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The Commune is Rotterdam’s first design community dedicated to social innovation in the city.

Wie This is BOUW design studio
Jaar 2017
Thema Cultuur als vernieuwende kracht


The Commune is a co-working space at the heart of the M4H innovation district, and a service which gathers the best conditions for creative entrepreneurs to start their practice, and for this practice to actively participate in the development of a city where culture thrives; a city with fair social chances and an ever-going pioneer spirit.

Within the context of social innovation, designers act as link between citizens (users) and partner organisations (institutions and companies), and as a bridge between ideas (conceptualisation) and reality (implementation). Their role is to question, collaborate, re-think processes, design solutions, test them, and reflect back on any field.

The Commune stimulates social innovation by:
- empowering designers who dedicate their talent to social innovation,
- applying their ideas in the city, via collaborations and the development of pilot projects,
- showing the potential of design in the city to a large the population.

Sociale relevantie

Currently facing major transitions, Rotterdam needs new thinkers and doers to tackle challenges such as the transformation of former harbours, the rooting of high unemployment, or the integration of cultures.

Strong from an entrepreneur spirit and new investments in durable solutions for the future, Rotterdam is now the ideal ground for a strong creative community. With The Commune, This is BOUW creates an international design community for Rotterdam to become the pole of social innovation.


There are very few design practices dedicated to social innovation, because the place of design is mis-known.
Designers are strategists using several creative skills to create ideas before developing a plan transforming them into prototypes and actions for the benefit of users.

There is, for now, no place in the city which empowers designers’ skill-sets, connects them to the right partners and topics, and provides them with an infrastructure to become sustainable and independent professionals.

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Laura Ferriere
Laura Ferriere
Laura Ferriere