Circular Tiny Habitat (CT-Habitat). CT-Habitat produces 4 Mars & builds on Earth.

Omid is an architect who has experienced climate, natural and man made crises in his home country and abroad. He dedicated his life to enabling locals to rebuild their buildings, after crises, with local materials and by themselves. In 2020, he launched 4 OMID in Rotterdam. It is a research and development startup which provides solutions for tackling the affordable housing shortage and climate crises. The focus is on reducing raw material extraction, solid waste generation, and embodied carbon emission by providing solutions for transition to the circular built environment. The first project is a do it yourself building technique which enables locals to mitigate and adapt with the climate crisis by producing Circular Tiny Habitat with only Two modules; Circular Bio-composite Blocks. CBc Blocks produce for reusing, repurposing, and recycling. To build with CBc Blocks not only is simple, scalable, and sustainable but also, the aim is to make it affordable and accessible globally. 4 OMID develops a geometric building technique which is more efficient, productive, and affordable with less emission even in comparison with the Tiny Houses. The innovative geometric patterns are Omid’s secret sauce! The geometric patterns: - Enabled us to reduce the Dome Houses and other geometric structures’ height to weight ratio; from ½ to ¼, this make the architectural forms more productive even in comparison with the Tiny Houses - Have only Two modules and Three connections which needs to be isolated - Reduce Building weight which lead to reducing material usage and embodied emission - Reduce time and labor costs - Enable us to construct circular, demountable, and versatile CT-Habitat The idea has been supported and introduced as an innovative idea by the United States Department Of Energy and Berkeley Labs through IMPEL+ program, since February 2021. In 2021 & 22, 4 OMID developed the prototypes at the BlueCity Labs and tested them, on small scales, with support from the Innofest program, in Utrecht. Last September, 4 OMID joined the Built Environment Circular ClimAccelerator program, introduced the CT-Habitat’s concept during the Circular Economy day in Berlin, and invested by Climate-KIC. Also, 4 OMID received grants from the Rotterdam subsidy in 2022 and from the European IP Office for the patent process in 2023. The First target market is newcomers and young couples in Rotterdam. The aim is to enable them to build their CT-Habitat at a price which would be equal to renting a studio for Four years. The next step is to build the pilot project, test, and bring CBc-Blocks & CT-Habitat to the market. 4 OMID produces CT-Habitat 4 Mars & builds on Earth! Together we scale our impact faster! Thank you!

Daarom goed en vernieuwend voor Rotterdam.

CT-Habitat not is circular, demountable, and versatile but also construct with only two Circular Bio-composite Blocks. CBc-Blocks produce for reusing, repurposing, and recycling. This enables us to disassemble them and changing the forms without creating waste.
There is tremendous untapped potential – within both the demand and supply sides of housing markets – that if addressed could substantially improve housing availability and quality for low-income households. 4 OMID provides the affordable housing option with less emission than Wooden Tiny Houses.


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