International children library. Giving a better chance to multicultural children

We would like to open an international library for children. Rotterdam is a diverse city with over 170 nationalities. Our project embraces that beauty. Expats often buy books to be able to read in their mother tongue, to ensure that in addition to the Dutch language kids maintain that second language (even a third sometimes). Multilingual children are part of the history and the future of the city and form a great asset to international and local companies and the level of education. The project will collect second handed books from families in every language. Displayed per language and level/age and free for children to borrow. We will rapidly have a great collection of the languages spoken in Rotterdam. It will also give the families a place to dispose of the books their children outgrow of. It will be an additional asset to the Dutch speakers that are learning another language(or their children's second language). It will be a place to connect local and multicultural families. We organize workshops, readings, events and offer a place to socialize with like-minded friends. Building a community is crucial for the well-being and mental health of the (international) families in Rotterdam. Our library will include a coffee corner and a large announcement board to initiate and link people. Inclusiveness is high on our agenda. Every national day will be represented, celebrated and experienced in our library. Description of land, cultures, architectures, food, etc... the goal is that every international entering the Library will feel like their country is represented and they can add to our knowledge. The project is environmentally friendly. It avoids overconsumption of buying books online . It will provide the international and local community a place to gather in Rotterdam. The project is a non-profit, if benefit is made with the coffee corner it will be reinvested in books or cultural activities.

Daarom goed en vernieuwend voor Rotterdam.

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Leïla Schipper