Nocto Horeca Cashback. A social, sustainable & livable horeca ecosystem

Rotterdam - A city of culture, innovation, and business. Our vision for Rotterdam is to bring together the people, the venues, and the local government, for a social, sustainable, and attractive horeca ecosystem for all. To achieve this, these stakeholders need a way to communicate and collaborate. Our initiative, “The Nocto Horeca Cashback”, is our proposal to bridge the gap between these 3 groups and make Rotterdam an example of how a modern city should build and support its Horeca sector in 2023 and beyond. The Horeca Cashback would effectively and simultaneously tackle the key issues faced by consumers, venues, and the government, respectively: (1) rising costs of going out (2) difficulty in reaching potential customers and building relationships with guests, and (3) supporting an economically and socially important industry of the city (and specific key areas) with development, equal chances and increased foot flow. How does it work? Citizens and tourists can download the free mobile app Nocto, where they see and post pictures and videos in real time from within Horeca locations in Rotterdam. They also find a complete event list, including links to buy event tickets and make table reservations at restaurants. The reward for posting pictures and videos (for promoting venues) in the Nocto app, is that people earn Nocs, Nocto's digital token. Through the Nocto app, these tokens can be traded in for cash back on drinks, meals, entrances, hotel rooms, and other horeca-related products, services, and experiences. In this way, consumers get money back ultimately reducing the cost of going out, exploring the city, and meeting new people etc., Venues are able to attract more guests, especially during off-peak hours (increasing revenues), and the government is able to “make it happen” for all Rotterdam-based venues to gain access to this solution for free. In 1 simple solution, we not only solve 3 issues, but we also bring the people, the businesses, and the government together into a collaborative environment where everybody benefits. This solution does not only help Rotterdam but can at a later stage be implemented across the Netherlands and even internationally. This would only further promote Rotterdam being a city of culture, innovation, and business. Nocto’s CEO David Franzén came to Rotterdam to study Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Erasmus University and had to solve a problem. While exploring the city, he and the people around him had challenges in answering the question “Where are we going today?”. There is no platform that provides him with the information to make a well-informed decision. The team now consists of Marketeers, Account Managers, a Designer, and Event organizers. More than fifty percent of the team was born and raised in Rotterdam. We look forward to bringing our solution to the beautiful city of Rotterdam. Find a video of the cashback system here:

Daarom goed en vernieuwend voor Rotterdam.

In essence, The Nocto Horeca Cashback system amalgamates technology, customer loyalty, data analysis, and collaboration to offer an innovative and appealing approach to supporting the hospitality industry and enhancing experiences for both customers and entrepreneurs.
The cashback system is also designed to encourage sustainable behavior. For instance, if certain choices lead to discounts or cashback, it can motivate individuals to opt for environmentally friendly or healthier choices.

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