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Atelier Buiten: Actie in De Groene Connectie

Subsidie toegekend € 29.500,00

Aangemaakt: 07 november 2018

Cultuur als vernieuwende kracht

We're experimenting with innovative ways to co-create in public space with citizens through Participatory Arts.

Our aim is to stimulate co-created action in De Groene Connectie, the 8-km ribbon linking 20 social and welfare organisations in Delfshaven. With arts experts and our on-the-ground partners, we work with committed residents, entrepreneurs & non-profit groups through Participatory Arts. Those are arts that anyone – even those without experience – can do, like theater, music, dance, storytelling and photography. The outcome will be the development of citizen-led initiatives and concrete interventions that support Delfshaven and serve as a kickstart for further step-by-step inclusive action. The project is also a laboratory for development of innovative culture-fueled participatory methodologies that engage new people, including hard-to-reach groups, in the planning of our public spaces. That's why Atelier Buiten culminates in a working congress, focused on sharing methods and developing an expanded coalition of partners to jointly chart a way forward for sustainable action.

Waarom goed voor Rotterdam?

Delfshaven is a microcosm of the diversity and and dynamism that defines Rotterdam. As the city increasingly turns to citizens for solutions, it's urgent to develop made-in-Rotterdam approaches to inclusive planning. Our culture-fueled process gives a voice to Rotterdammers to act and attach value & social meaning to their environment. The result is not only action in Delfshaven, but new inclusive participatory methods that expand and accelerate the power of local initiatives.

Waarom vernieuwend?

Through a crossover between culture and planning, we're pioneering new methods of engaging citizens and co-creating. Our process is driven by Participatory Arts, which have a unique power to engage people, and on all levels: intellectual, emotional & physical. By exploring space, generating ideas and communicating through arts, we stimulate citizen-led initiatives and define a new role for culture: as a force for inclusive urban renewal and co-creation in public space.

De gemeente Rotterdam is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van het plan.

Participatory theater

Doe mee

Organisatie: Home of Participation

Contactpersoon: T. van Geest

E-mail: tom@homeofparticipation.art

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We are open to collaboration with partners who share a passion for on-the-ground action and understand the value public space can generate for its citizens. That's not only in the cultural field, but also in areas like health & well-being, entrepreneurship, learning and green spatial structure. Note that our aim is long-term sustainability and we therefore aim for ongoing, committed working relationships. We also invite all citizens and entrepreneurs in Delfshaven to roll up their sleeves and co-create with us in our Participatory Arts Ateliers!

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