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Empowering female newcomers to enter the labour market

Aangemaakt: 23 september 2018

Dus echt iedereen aan het werk

She Matters is a social enterprise recruitment agency empowering women who have a refugee or forced migration background.

We carefully select up to 8-10 women who are ready and determined to enter the labour market. Based on their education, skills and prior work experience, we place them into part-time traineeships. So they practice their existing skills and learn new ones. They also improve their Dutch and increase their network. The purpose of the traineeship is for the employer and trainee to 'try out' the position and determine whether it is a match for employment.

In addition to the traineeship, she attends our weekly workshops on hard & soft skills and emotional and psychosocial support. She's also matched with a mentor who provides practical support on her employment journey, and most importantly, friendship and camaraderie.

At the conclusion of the programme, the employer determines whether the trainee will be hired. Even if she's not hired, she still received real work experience, valuable knowledge and skills. And she increased her self-confidence – a massive step to her dream job!

Waarom goed voor Rotterdam?

We insightfully empower female newcomers and local employers who are searching for talented and skilled workers. The beauty of She Matters is that we work across silos by aligning the interests of all stakeholders: the municipality, small, medium-sized and large companies, local community and female newcomers. With our programming, we're paving the way for a more inclusive society. At the same time, we are releasing the untapped potential for our economy.

Waarom vernieuwend?

A report in 2017 showed that 95% of refugees in Rotterdam depend on welfare for their living and housing expenses. Sadly, only 4 out of the 2.429 refugee residents in Rotterdam had full-time jobs, according to the study by the municipality. Through our unique approach, we see first-hand the positive effects of our gender-specific empowerment programme. And not only the women see this. Their families, communities and local businesses feel the ripple effect.

De gemeente Rotterdam is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van het plan.

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Organisatie: She Matters

Contactpersoon: Christina Moreno

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Companies who are looking for talented and qualified professionals are more than welcome to get in touch, as well as women in the community who are interested in becoming a mentor to our candidates.

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