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Restart Network: We Rise By Lifting Others

Subsidie toegekend

Aangemaakt: 31 mei 2017

Onderwerpen: Rotterdam economisch vooruit (€ 19.600,00) en Dus echt iedereen aan het werk (€ 20.000,00)

In the heart of Rotterdam, we create a world class, tuition-free technology school for refugees and underprivileged people. Restart Network offers an empowering one year long experience and enables people to kickstart a career in the IT industry.

Every year we select up to 100 Rotterdammers who want to kickstart their lives with a career in IT. They embark on Restart ONE, a 12-month transformative journey to become junior web developers. The philosophy is simple: We crowdsource the best technology education and subsidize the tuition to make it accessible to all selected students. These spots are exclusively available for unemployed refugees and locals who are motivated to start again. We work with the “Werk en Inkomen” department to screen potential candidates and select a class of 25 people every 3 months.

For the first 6 months the class is learning the fundamentals of web development. The curriculum is digital, integrated and open source. Students learn in English, with 24/7 access and guidance from more experienced developers on location at the CIC Rotterdam. In order to graduate, Restart ONE students complete a traineeship with our dedicated hiring partners in the last 6 months of the program.

Waarom goed voor Rotterdam?

We help Rotterdammers who are less privileged to find a new purpose and push local employers towards fair employment. The magic of Restart Network as a crowdsourced school is that it aligns interests of all major stakeholders in the city: small and large companies, the municipality, citizens and local NGOs. With our unique focus on unemployed locals and refugees, we are creating a more inclusive city one person at a time. At the same time we improve Rotterdam's public image internationally.

Waarom vernieuwend?

We are the world's first crowdsourced technology school. Over the last 12 months we demonstrated that the son or daughter of a billionaire and the son or daughter of a Syrian refugee can have access to the same world-class education. Our real life based education model is unique in the world: We bring together the brightest minds from industry-leading companies to share their knowledge in Rotterdam.

De gemeente Rotterdam is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van het plan.

Doe mee

Organisatie: Restart Network

Contactpersoon: Frederick Rustler

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Companies who are looking for IT talent can gladly get in touch, as well as NGOs who work with the city's underprivileged people who want to start a new career in IT.

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